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What is Tiksoo?

Tiksoo is a IVR monitoring system that uses acoustic fingerprinting technology to recognize and report when your phone number’s behavior deviates from what is expected.

Basically, Tiksoo makes you the first to know when your customers can’t reach you.

IVR Testing and IVR Monitoring made simple.

Why use Tiksoo?

Telephone systems have evolved, they are not as simple as they used to be. There’s a great deal of digital equipment involved in making each individual voice connection:

There are many points of failure since your phone traffic is routed over many complex networks.

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What will Tiksoo do for you?

Tiksoo will test your phone number anywhere from every hour, to as often as every minute. (According to your needs)

We will detect when your inbound calls are failing, and we will alert you via text and/or email.

It pays to protect your investment with Tiksoo.

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