Partner with Tiksoo

Whether you‘re a Solutions Provider, Telecommunications Provider, or offer BPO services. You want your customers to have an edge over their competition and provide them with maximum up-time and efficiency. Proactive monitoring for phone number failures will provide them with this advantage.

Most businesses today depend on a phone number or in the majority of cases, multiple phone numbers to generate income, provide services and maintain customer satisfaction.

Phone systems are becoming more and more complex and prone to failures. Tiksoo helps ensure that the clients you service can know right away if any of their phone numbers are not working as expected, this will allow them to act quickly in order to isolate and resolve the issue, which in turn will minimize (or even eliminate) lost revenue, extended periods of down time, poor customer service, SLA violations and many other negative consequences.

Benefits of using Tiksoo:
  • Low monthly cost with NO contractual obligations
  • No changes required to the end users PBX/Phone System
  • Low monthly cost with NO contractual obligations
  • Easy one time setup can be done in minutes
  • Identifies problems that are outside of your control
  • Instant notifications sent to as many contacts as desired
  • Compatible with greetings in ANY language and even with live agents
  • Tiksoo can generate calls from both Canada and the U.S.*
  • You will be able to listen to failed calls, view reports, and even email failed calls to your Telco
  • Plus many more…
If you believe Tiksoo is a service your customers would benefit from, please contact us to discuss our reselling/partnership program. There is no cost to start up and you will be working with a company dedicated to fair and honest business practices that promote long lasting relationships.

*International calls outside of North America can be provided with custom plans.